Advice for Future Students Making a Website for Multi-Media.

Now that I’m finished with my website about the Bakeries around Lincoln, I wanted to write a little advice for future Multimedia Application students, or for anyone who is thinking about making a website.

1. My first advice would be to pick a topic right away and not stress over it too much. Once you have a solid idea start mapping it out right away and listing items you will need to have on it. Make a map of your ideas that you will put on it. This will help you get organized in the future.

2. Another piece of advice is to work on the website material and information out side of school. Type of the words you are going to say on a google doc or paper on the weekends or afterschool . This way you can spend more time picking on how it looks when you get to school and then just paste your info into your pages and posts. This will save a ton of time and allow you to work on pictures more than the words.

3. My last piece of advice would be to not waste any class time you have and if you don’t get a lot done in class, take it home and work on it any chance you can on the weekend or any free time. Also make sure to read the rubric a couple of time as you are working on it to be sure you cover everything so you can get all the points possible.

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